Plasmolifting tubes, PRP Tubes


The particularities and advantages of the Plasmolifting™ tubes


For the correct and safe use of the Plasmolifting™ method, it is very important to use only the best quality special supplies and materials: tubes, centrifuges, syringes, and needles.


Sodium Citrate

  • prevents blood clotting
  • It is used in vivo


Thixotropic gel

  • Qualitative absorbtion
  • Increased concentration of the platelet
  • The delimitation layer is clearly outlined
  • Good (perfect) fixation of erythrocytes
  • It does not affect the composition of the platelet autoplasm


The aspect of the blood in the Plasmolifting™ tubes after centrifugation:

  • Platelet autoplasma 4.5 ± 0.5 ml
  • Absorption gel
  • Erythrocyte – leukocyte clot



  • contain an anticoagulant (Sodium Citrate), that prevents blood clotting and inhibits platelet aggregation
  • contain an inert biological gel (thixotropic gel) that separates the platelets from the erythrocytes and leukocytes, obtaining autologous plasma of high therapeutic value
  • are made of high quality borosilicate medical glass, according to a special technology, and hermetically sealed with a stopper (which ensures sterility, stability of the inner contents and keeping the vacuum inside the tube)
  • are classified as Second Class medical devices (which means that the plasma obtained using them can be injected immediately after centrifugation into the body)
  • enable the production of autologous plasma, that can be injected into the human body
  • ensure an adequate platelet absorption, at concentrations consistent with the therapeutic range
  • form a well-defined barrier, that prevents plasma mixing with the RBC assembly (red blood cells and leucocytes)
  • do not affect the composition of autologous plasma
  • the materials used for manufacturing the Plasmolifting™ tubes and the substances contained therein enable the production of autologous plasma suitable for injection into the human body; the upper and middle parts of the inner wall of the tube are lined with a thin layer of anticoagulant (a sodium salt, high molecular weight low purity heparin)
  • during centrifugation, the patented separating gel forms a solid barrier between the red blood cells and the plasma
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