The Authors of the Plasmolifting Method

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The authors of the method

The creators of the Plasmolifting™ method are the Russian scientists Renat Rashitovich Akhmerovand Roman Felixovich Zarudy.

R.R. Akhmerov

Professor, Doctor of Medicine, plastic surgeon and maxillo-facial surgeon, oncodermatologist

Studies: Kazan State Medical University

Professional experience:
  • traineeships in plastic surgery in Brazil (at UNICAMP University Clinic), Italy (at Borgo Roma Clinic), Germany (at the University of Kiel and Munich), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Clinical Oncology Center of the Republic of Tatarstan (ENT physician, maxillofacial surgeon, oncologist)
  • The Medical Academy “I.M. Secenov” in Moscow (maxillo-facial surgeon and plastic surgeon)
  • “Dental Beauty” dental and cosmetic clinic in Moscow (maxillo-facial and plastic surgeon)

Specialties: facial plastic surgery, skin cancer removal, reconstructive face surgery, facial plastics via non-surgical methods

R.F. Zarudy

Doctor of Medicine, maxillo-facial surgeon, implantologist

Studies: State Medical School of Bashkiria

Professional experience:
  • traineeship in orthognathic surgery in Germany (at the Maxillofacial Surgery Center of the University of Westphalia)
  • Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center of the Ministry of Health in the Russian Federation (head of the Reconstructive Maxillofacial Surgery department)
  • Bone Plastics and Dental Implant Center (physician-surgeon)
  • consultant of the German-Russian Maxillofacial Prosthesis Center (in Ufa)

Specialties: plastic face surgery, removal of cancerous skin formations, reconstructive face surgery, orthognathic surgery